© Great Harwood Agricultural Society 2016
© Great Harwood Agricultural Society 2016

Community Marquee

The Community Marquee

Limited free places are available for INFORMATION ONLY displays inside the community marquee,
for charities, community help groups, clubs and voluntary organisations.

Take time out here to find out what is going on in your community and see the results of the children’s competitions.

Each year in the Community Marquee we have supervised ‘Make on the Day’ activities.
These and the handicrafts competition are free and open to all children aged 5-16
with the entries being judged and displayed for viewing by our visitors.

Children’s Competitions 2018 will be published on the Children’s Page

For the Community Marquee: Mrs Elaine Powell: 07854436177   Email: elainepowell25@gmail.com
For Children’s Competitions: Ms Katie Marsden: 07572 031843   katiemarsden88@yahoo.co.uk